Equine gait analysis

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  Equine gait analysis

EquiMoves is a new ambulatory system for equine gait analysis allowing a better assessment of the gaits of horses in their normal routines. EquiMoves is based on miniature kinematic sensors attached to the legs of the horse, the withers and the pelvis. The device is lightweight (<25g) and compact, records with 500 Hz, stores data on memory card, sends data real-time and operates up to 24 hours on rechargeable battery. The movement coordination, temporal and spatial gait parameters are extracted from the signals retrieved in all gaits of the horse. The analysis quantify scientifically the differences between horses but also response on training, shoeing, nerve blocking, medication, etc.

Each horse has its own natural gait characteristics. The most basic of these are stride duration, speed and stride length and as training aims to optimize these at different, winning, sports levels. Monitoring these gait characteristics objectively can be a clear aid in the process.

Till now the most common method for measuring these characteristics in different horses are high cost 3D motion camera equipment. This can produce accurate data but it requires a lengthy, laborious set-up in a very controlled environment and you only obtain information from the side and the few strides that were in view of the camera.

   EquiMoves  represents a new class of highly-scalable, ultra-synchronized wireless networked inertial and orientation sensors. Using the latest MEMS sensor technology available, the sensor is specifically designed for multi-object motion tracking that allows all around, accurate, quick, any environment, every stride taken, information. You can be ready to test in the time it takes to tack up.

·         4 limb sensors mounted on brushing boots;

·         4 sensors mounted at poll, the sternum, withers and the sacrum of the horse.

The EquiMoves system is an innovative gait analysis system using inertial motion sensors to allow measuring of timing of footfalls alongside stride characteristics such as stride duration, stride length, stance phase, protraction angles etc. This answer questions like: Is your rhythm consistent, is your horse anticipating, does the symmetry change in some dressage movements, is your horse straight? 

Take a look at our photo gallerij and get an impression of the possibilities of equine gait analysis.!